Bembridge – Rock the Boat 2021 – Rally Report

Once again, the Rock the Boat concert was cancel, this time because of the dreaded covid. But this did not stop us having a great time in Bembridge.

From the start on the Friday the weather was lovely and sunny with a good breeze all the way to Bembridge. A few of us met up on the Friday for drinks at the bar at Duvers Yard and then dinner on-board. The Saturday weather was just as pleasant, and the tide was the lowest I had seen it in the harbour but we all stayed upright on the new pontoons. Rally members all did their our own thing for the day, walking around the countryside, a ferry ride and walk into town; some brave people even went for a dip in the sea. We had lunch on the beach front after a trip back on the ferry, which got stuck on the beach for a while until a couple of young strong lads went overboard and gave it a push off. The lunch was only sandwiches and ice cream as the Baywatch restaurant was closed because of covid. We ordered our dinner for the evening from the pizza place at Duvers Yard and met up on the hard later that evening for eats and drinks, including a big jug of Pain Killer, which if any one of you have been the BVI will know about! It was a very pleasant evening, with plenty of chatting and laughing. The highlight of that evening was watching a nesting pair of Oyster Catchers, in a very nearby flower tub. We went to our berths that night very jolly, a great night. Sunday came, again a glorious day, we all sailed away to our home ports after a lovely weekend.