Island Harbour – Mexican Theme – Rally Report

BOA Mexican Theme Rally - Island Harbour, Medina River
23, 24 and 25 July 2021

Third time lucky, or was it fourth time lucky?  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have attempted to organise the Mexican rally.  The first time the weather conspired to put its little finger in and give us force 9’s.  The second time Boris did the same with a pandemic lock down.  But hurray!  Eventually this year everything came to fruition.  (Except the weather,of course).  We didn’t have a lockdown, Island Harbour was open for business and although thunderstorms were forecast they kept away for the duration of our rally.

Friday evening saw some of the boats making their way straight to Island Harbour and some others stayed overnight at The Folly Inn in the Medina.  The Island Harbour contingent joined the Folly contingent for dinner via Dave, the water taxi, at The Folly, and I have to say, the food and service were a huge improvement from the last time we visited.

Saturday saw us being joined by the remaining ralliers, and it was great to see one of the original BOA members coming along as well in his lovely new motor cruiser.  The evinced a lot of interest from some members who may be thinking of swapping sail for motor!  Island Harbour was as welcoming as always and most of the boats came into the marina during freeflow.  The usual pontoon party took place this time on the grassy bank by the barbecues as everyone brought their fajitas, chillis, tacos, spicy chickens and mojitos along to share and cook.

After such a long and difficult year it was wonderful to be able to see old friends again and to be (almost) normal.  Nearly everyone got into the spirit of the rally and there were some very strange looking gauchos with extremely colourful outfits: sombreros, ponchos, not to forget some very dubious bandit moustaches.  However, the ladies looked very pretty as Mexican senoras.  David was voted the most authentic looking Mexican bandit and Sandra won first prize, looking lovely, in her very authentic Mexican dress, which as she said, she has had for three years, waiting to be able to wear it for the very delayed rally!

Having primed everyone to learn the Mexican hat dance, and not really expecting anyone to ‘have a go’ it was very gratifying when some of the gauchos actually got up to the sound of the Mexican guitar music, and did a very passable imitation of some very alcoholic Mexicans doing the Hat Dance! This obviously was later in the evening when most people were fairly ‘well oiled’…..

The next day was another bright and sunny morning.  Some of the ralliers stayed in Island Harbour and others either went back to their home ports or berthed at The Folly.  It was a very lively night! Thunderstorm and lightening (very, very frightening), and torrential rain, but weren’t we lucky that the weather held off for what was a really happy and fun rally?

Now off to the next one… this space. Dinghy polo is being revived.