Forum Discussion Threads

Following on from the survey sent out to all members back in April I am now turning to the next issue highlighted by this study.  The first issue you will remember was lack of communication which I hope you will agree is much improved.  The second issue, raised by respondents, was the lack of activity in the forums.  Respondents said they felt that forums weren’t well supported and contributions often didn’t receive any replies.  Therefore my next challenge is to refresh the way the forums are organised, jazz them up and recruit moderators.  I hope this will generate new life and you guys will get replies when you post a query.  So here are the plans which will take place over the next month and let me know if you want to be a “moderator”:

  • Update the look:  We are going to simplify the forums and create 5 threads: Technical Help, Events, Show us your boat, Documentation and For Sale/Wanted
  • Jazz up the look and feel:  We are going have the features redesigned so you can upload images
  • Get replies:  I will be looking for volunteers (one for each forum) to monitor postings and reply to members if others don’t respond