Very interesting to hear about the macerator.

Having had this problem several times over the last 9 months, on both heads; and with the aft head blocked for an entire 3 week cruise, we are keen to get this fixed.

I understand that there is 2 problems:

1. The ball valve hull fitting requires the waste to turn almost 90 degrees. This frequently blocks with non-liquid waste including paper. (Actually I got a letter from Opal just a couple of weeks ago recommending no paper at all be put down the toilet). Opal have agreed that the valve needs to be changed which I expect they will do under warranty.

2. The shape of the bottom of the holding tank encourages blockages especially if paper is used without much water.

So I wonder if the macerator fixes 1, but to fix 2 the solution seems to be pump lots of water through. We are now using 15-20 pumps of the handle !

We spoke to a guy from Jabsco at the boat show. He said that a macerator pump would be less useful than a diaphragm waste pump between the holding tank and ball valve. He also recommended an electric flush which uses much more water!

Can you say how you use your macerator. Do you usually fill the holding tank and switch on the pump from time to time ?