Came up from Gib at this time of year in 2015.
First stop was Lagos and then round the cape and up to Povoa De Vazim.
Only scare in early morning light was a large tuna farm.
From there we headed up to Bayonna and then to Villa Garcia.
The old town in each case well worth visiting for markets and restaurants.
Across Biscay to Camaret and then to L’Aberwach where we picked up a bouy for the night.
On up to St Peterport arriving at 1 am and took the tide to Cherbourg and then home to Portsmouth.
Nearly came a cropper cross channel in between the shipping lanes.
Just settled for a bit of lunch in the sunshine when the skipper spotted a fishing pot with the longest pick up line I’ve ever seen streaming across our track. ( did wonder what might be on the end of it ! )
The food markets were excellent for repleneshing stores .
Cape St Vincent a bit lively, Biscay a gentle swell, and Chanel du Four was kind to us.
The Rias in northwest Spain are magical on your way down and well worth a stop.
coming north it got cold at night but southern Portugal was shorts a teeshirts.
We had a crew of three doing three hour watches at night and four hours during the day, so we rotated round the clock. Longest leg was three and a half days but we were on a deadline, ( which we missed ), although our passge planning was totally weather dependant.
Hope this helps and you have a great trip