Hi Tony,

One of the reasons we bought our Bavaria 34 was that the genoa winches are in line with the wheel, ideal for single handed sailing. Whilst I am not disabled I do like to have the boat set up for single handed sailing and ease of use in heavy weather. Without doubt the best bit of kit we have is our raymarine autopilot which is the ST5000. Its far bigger than the boat requires, fits direct to the rudder stock, (rather than the belt drive to the wheel) and will allow me to leave the wheel in any conditions. By using the autopilot and always having the right amount of canvas up, ( we have 3 reefs in the main) nothing has to be done in a rush. All three reefs are set from the safety of the cockpit and if you look through past posts i have described how the third reef was setup. I can think of a few other systems we have on Saloma that would be of help to you. If you are interested get in touch by email. Grabrail at chart table. Dinghy stowage on transom in parbuckle. Have some good pics.