I would be concerned about weight on the rudder if the boat ‘sits’ on it. I don’t think the rudder bearings would be the problem – the shaft just ‘slides’ through them. The problem would be where the weight is transferred to the rest of the boat. This could be from the top of the rudder blade hitting the hull or the quadrant inside hitting the fixed guides (if the system is anything like on Playtime). Neither would be good. So, you must keep the rudder off the shingle IMHO.

    When the boat is horizontal on the hard standing, is there much clearance below the rudder? If so, then you should be OK with just transferring weight from the stern to the bow, or just removing it from the stern, so she floats slightly stern up.

    If there is not much clearance then I would seek further advice (ideally from some one who has dried out a similar boat). You could try the PBO Forum, if you can stand the jokes!

    Let us know how you get on – I’ve never dried out Playtime (deep fin) although I have done it with other (medium keel) boats.

    Good luck