@Jalani wrote:

What do you think the likelihood is of any such corrosion problems in a 5 year old Bavaria?

Hi Derek

There is no simple answer; it depends on a number of factors, some of which are complex and not fully understood (by me at least) – hence my cautious approach to prolonged AC connection.

Firstly, it depends whether the AC earth and DC ground (negative or (loosely) DC earth) are connected together on your boat (either directly or through something like the battery charger). It used to be Bavaria policy not to connect these together. However, it is mandatory in the US and is now advised in the EU (see ISO 13297 – Small craft — Electrical systems — Alternating current installations) although it is not mandatory (in the EU) if an RCD is fitted.

If the earths are connected together it then depends if the DC earth is connected to any underwater metals parts on your boat (like seacocks, anodes, saildrive leg etc.), and also whether a galvanic isolator is fitted in the AC earth line.

I could go on but it would probably get (even more?) boring.

In short, as far as I know, Bavarias do not have any such problems because the AC and DC earths are kept separate.

I suggest you forget about it, relax and enjoy your dinner tomorrow. Life’s too short . . . . !

Have a good one.