Hi everyone Im a new member we have a Bavaria 36 2003 called Sea Hawk we bought her in March 2005 . We based her at the beautiful Brixham marina for five years until the travelling 287miles each way got the better of us ,so now we have a berthed Sea Hawk in the Channel Islands St Helier Marina Jersey ( filghts are cheaper than driving ) We still love her to bits can’t wait to go again.

    In reply to your fresh water problem we have had the same fresh water in the bilge the problem was the plastic screw top on the rear water tank under the port side berth was not nipped up tight and when we filled the tank the excess water in the swan-neck( the pipe from the tank to the filler cap) forced the water out into the bilges.Also when the boat was heeling that also caused the full tank to leek.
    Hope this may help all the best Steve