Hi Michael,

Just read your post as we have been away on our B34 in Brittany. As your water ingress only occured in heavy weather I would forget stanchion and other deck leaks as these tend to show up when the boat is not sailing but subject to heavy rain. In these conditions you say that your boat is dry.
We have experienced two leaks when sailing in heavy weather.
The first was from the top rudder bearing. This is mounted in a large fiberglass cup which sits into the deck moulding in such a way that it can rotate to self aligne the rudder bearings when the boat is being assembled. This fiberglass cup should be fixed to the deck moulding with a sealant and ours was not. Water simply past between the outside of the fiberglass cup and the deck moulding and entered the boat.
You can see this leak by removing the access panel at the aft end of the rear cabin. There may be some tell tale staining or you can have a look whilst someone pours a bucket of water over the rudder stock head.
The second leak was from the transom mounted shower head. If you leave the control tap in the on position movement of the boat when sailing can depress the push button on the back of the shower head enough to turn it on and off.
Wish you luck as we have met Bavaria owners whose boats are so dry that they use the bilges for storage and although I would not do so saloma has been that dry since we sorted the forward cabin leak in early 2010.