Yarmouth Rally Report (2022)



The weather was fantastic for the weekend, just light breeze to get us to Yarmouth and it stayed settled for the duration of the rally.

A total of six boats volunteered for the Safari Supper on Friday 29 July with two boats doing starters, two boats main courses and two boats doing the puddings….well, that was the general idea, until one of the boats doing a main course unfortunately had to pull out, so Oceansong volunteered to take on the main course as well as the pudding course. Then another boat booked on at the last minute, so there was a l

ot of shuffling around to accommodate them for the meal. However, it all worked out really well and some amazing meals were produced by the Bavaria Owners, (of course).

And a very special thank you to everyone who participated in doing the food. It was all magnificent and a lot of recipes were swapped. I can’t wait to have a go at making your potted crab Omnishambles. It was definitely yummmmy.

Getting onto Omnishambles for our starter was quite an experience as with two dodgy knees I had to clamber across another boat to get there. Luckily there were two very burly French men on board their boat who bodily lifted me across, without any by-your-leave. I think that’s what is meant by entente cordial. A lot of hilarity and embarrassment ensued. But at least I got there….

More boats arrived on the Saturday for the dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club including two non member boats. Well, we didn’t let them get away with not joining the association on pain of keelhauling, so, now we have more members than we started with. A result!

A total of ten boats with 20 people for the dinner made a

nice round number, as the Yacht Club accommodated us on two large round tables in their private dining room.  The food and service were excellent and I can definitely recommend dining there next time any of you are in Yarmouth. A great location with views over the Solent and not too expensive either…..

The next day turned out to be very gusty and most of the boats sailed back to their home ports. The two boats that remained swapped recipes and spent another day in Yarmouth. That evening was the final of the Women’s Euro Football so again some of us decamped to the Yacht Club to watch the ladies see off the competition. A great match with a fantastic result…England won! Hurray!

Again, it was yet another successful and fun rally for the Bavaria Owners Association.

And just a reminder that anyone can organise a rally…its quite easy, just decide where and when you want to go, check the tides are right and book the appropriate marina. If you need any help, Bill Lagoda, our Rear Commodore Sail, will point you in the right direction. Also, as an incentive, your mooring fees are reimbursed by the BOA. Have a go, its fun!

(If anyone has any images they would like share please send them to webmaster@bavariaowners.co.uk)