The original light fittings on our Bav40 (2001) were just pressed steel and so no matter what we did, they eventually took on a dull, greyish colour. We eventually replaced them with SS ones which look and last far better. Maybe newer models have the more expensive SS fittings?

On taps and door fittings, we found that a dehumidifier during Oct – April kept most of the corrosion away. However, after three months in the humid Carib after our transat, everything was green and badly pitted. Duraglit brings them partially back though I wish I’d wiped them with a cloth dampened with a light oil since this would have protected them more. I suspect we’ll need to replace the basin taps.

The hatch surrounds are ‘chromed’ plastic and these too become pitted. Again, Duraglit gets most of it off.