One of the issues with the Bavaria standard issue anchors is that they are not true CQRs. They are “CQR type”. True CQRs were only made by Simpson Lawrence I think. There are small differences between the two which do seem to make a difference. I used to have a Bavaria “CQR” on my last boat (2000 Bav 31) and found a noticeable improvement when I borrowed a true CQR which was 5kg lighter.

The Delta (and similar) are supposed to do better in weed, because the point is sharp and heavy and should cut through the weed to the bottom. One type of anchor which a few people abslutely rave about on the Clyde is the Spade. These also come in aluminium, which makes handling easier.

Having said all that, I cruised the Hebrides this summer and did not drag once with the Bavaria CQR on my new boat (2001 Bav 40). MInd you, it is either 25 or 30kg and is a brute of a thing to handle. Technique is everything, as Sundance says. I always makes sure Mrs Dream Catcher or Junior Dream Catcher are going slowly astern when I drop the anchor, and just lay the chain out gradually using the clutch on the windlass.

If I was buying a new anchor it would probably be an aluminium spade.