Thanks for that Chris, I have written to Lewmar for their comments. I am a bit concerned about the size of the 16kg as I have modified my bow roller to a twin and have made a bowsprit that sits and connects to the port hand side of the mod. The bowsprit sits well above the anchor but the wire downhaul, which comes back to a ring eye at the bottom of the forestay chain plate is very close. Does anyone know if the Delta 16KG is wider than the original Bavaria anchor. I cannot measure mine as I keep the boat in Brittany now and will not be going out until April.
Chris, if you want to sell your 10kg Delta I would be interested as I will need one for our Westerly Merlin which we are also looking to change to a delta from the original CQR. My email is alanburns1@talktalk.net.
Thanks for your help.