Installed the 2-blade Brunton’s Varifold, 15×10 LH this week and motored back to Fleetwood from Glasson in 15 kts wind and a strong tide. I haven’t sailed with the new prop yet, but I am pretty sure that with the Varifold I get a bit more speed forwards. With the standard prop I would get about 6.4 kts at 3,000 rpm but with the Varifold it is more like 6.9. I had no problem at all in the lively conditions.

Back in the marina I am less certain of any improvement in terms of manoeuvrability. There are certainly no problems at all with the prop ‘biting’ when moving from fwd to reverse; the response is instant. I sense that it is a bit more of a struggle getting way on in reverse now, which I will have to bear in mind.

I will report any further news if there is any.