I went to the London Boat Show yesterday and ordered a 2-blade Brunton’s Varifold, 15×10 LH. This is what they specified. There was a decent boat show discount.

    I was able to talk at length with the two helpful people on the Brunton’s stand. They were engineers rather than salesmen, so we had a good and helpful chat.

    Flex-o-Fold were not there. Volvo Penta were there but they had almost nothing on their stand.

    I will report back when I have some experience, but I don’t expect to lift the boat until Easter.

    I had a look round a new Bavaria 34, which is about the same LOA as my 2003 Bavaria 32 and was very disappointed by the interior. My boat, ‘Bubble’, has quite decent woodwork but the new one feels very ‘flat-pack’ and shoddy. I noticed that all the show yachts had fixed propellers and they looked very much like the one on Bubble. On the new 34 I thought this was the standard VP fixed 2-blader but it was a Allpa – the Italian prop. It was a 16×11. I would put money on it being identical to the fixed VP prop. All to save money, I guess.