Totally agree with Bob and Mark….. the Bavs are light and voluminous.
Catching the wind off the bow at slow speeds does result in a lot of windage and a very quick spin in bigger winds!

This is not all bad though and can be used to your advantage with planning and preparation in the right circumstances.

I personally am of the camp that a bow thruster is unnecessary on a boat of this size…. in fact I often comment that they are frequently used by stinkpot, (sorry – mobo) owners that have not actually taken the time or coaching on how to use their boats properly.

That being said it is good practice to use whatever tools you have to hand to make the process of close quarters manouvering as safe as possible for all parties concerned. If having a bowthruster fitted means that you will be safer and enjoy your boating better, (and that you can afford it) what does it matter for others opinions?

Whatever your decision, base it on your experience – just give yourself a chance to become accustomed to the boat first. If this means using a second person when you would normally single hand, then go for it to allow yourself the opportunity to learn the “feel” of the boat.