@moodymike wrote:

Can Anybody confirm that there are inspection hatches on Bavaria Fuel tanks? I have a B32 but have not found one despite the manual saying there is. What are the two small pipe oulets that appear to be a push fit next to the main outlets? Could they be used to draw of a fuel test (to check for water contamination )?

I would suggest the easiest way is to take the fuel sender out giving you quite a large hole to do an inspection. If the gasket is still ok you can just reseal with a gasket goo. On my 2007 37 its just under the removable boards. Alternatively if the filler hose is straight suck some up from the bottom with a bit of clear tube.

Another suggestion is to replace the alloy filter lower bowl with a clear plastic one. The old glass ones are now not available as they can break. It is illegal in some rivers to have a glass bowl now and I doubt your insurance company would be sympathetic if one broke and you had a fire. This will show any water contamination. You will also get white steam continuously from the exhaust although you can get steam for other reasons such as overheating.