Thanks for this that would be very nice of you, we have just got back from Gibraltar where we bought a Bavaria 40 2011, on the plane to Gib I met a guy who had a Efoy under his arm so to speak. He even got Easyjet to take it!! He said it was the best thing he had ever bought and as he had good winds crossing Biscay he said he never turned on his engine to charge his batteries. I said why did he have one with him he said he had brought one for a friend (I can see why as no VAT in Gib so it was a big saving as an export) The video on the efoy site backs this up on the Trans Atlantic race running the auto pilot. I’m sort of thinking that with diesel going up all the time that it might be a good alternative with solar to running your engine to charge the batteries while on the anchor.

As I’m an electrical engineer now retired, I’m fitting this yacht out over the winter along with some other projects.

Nice of you to do this if you like I will let you know how I get on with it!