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      Hello Everyone, we are new members, and are planing a trip into the Med next year on our Bav 40.

      I was wondering if anybody yet has taken the plunge and bought an EFOY http://www.efoy.com/en/ it seems a great alternative for the part-time cruisers allowing an alternative to a small generator, I was an electrical engineer from the telecoms background and this option seems very easy to fit taking the strain off the main engine while on the anchor. It also does not take up that much space, they are expensive right now but the benefits seem to be very good. If anyone has one could you let us know your views.

      Regards Theseus


        We left UK in 2009 and are presently in Sicily.
        My advice is to fit a stern arch, rigid Solar Panels with a MPPT regulator. We left with only a wind generator, but now have 180w fixed solar panels + a 60w semi flex, which keeps us fully charged unless it’s overcast and windless, which is seldom.
        You might also consider increasing your domestic battery capacity.



          Thanks for this, we are going to fit solar as I had this as you describe on my last boat worked very well, the Efoy was a new and very popular system to replace the Genset. For as you say the dark days.

          Enjoy Sicily are you on the south side or the north, we will be coming by next year, the north seems to not have many stopping points to the south, the south is longer up to the Ionian I’m interested to know as in the past I have always been boarded on route by men in Leather jackets and pistols!! who then turn out to be Guardia Finanza looking for drug running…….it is a bit scary till you show them your passport and all the other stuff. Good luck anyway happy saling


            Have you read the write up on the EFOY in the October edition of Yachting Monthly?
            Looks like a very good solution – even if a little pricey?

            Let me know if you want a copy and I will PM you one over.


              Thanks for this that would be very nice of you, we have just got back from Gibraltar where we bought a Bavaria 40 2011, on the plane to Gib I met a guy who had a Efoy under his arm so to speak. He even got Easyjet to take it!! He said it was the best thing he had ever bought and as he had good winds crossing Biscay he said he never turned on his engine to charge his batteries. I said why did he have one with him he said he had brought one for a friend (I can see why as no VAT in Gib so it was a big saving as an export) The video on the efoy site backs this up on the Trans Atlantic race running the auto pilot. I’m sort of thinking that with diesel going up all the time that it might be a good alternative with solar to running your engine to charge the batteries while on the anchor.

              As I’m an electrical engineer now retired, I’m fitting this yacht out over the winter along with some other projects.

              Nice of you to do this if you like I will let you know how I get on with it!


                Pm sent…

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