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      I have the charging light coming on, the alarm going off & the rev counter is going all over the place.
      I have had the alternator checked out and is ok.
      Any ideas where to look for other problems or know a boat electrician, who will come on board.


        ….at the risk of teaching Grandma to suck eggs, have you checked that the drive belt is tight and not slipping?

        Ian/Another Fantasy


          Thanks Ian, I have checked that, but will still get new belt.


            Bill Is your warning panel that is about 6 inches long and has the other warning lights in a row? I had a similar problem on our 32 a few years ago the alternator was not picking up a good earth through the mounting bracket we fixed that and then found the rear of the warning light panel was poorly installed and the wires were just into a chock block and badly corroded. So much so that we could not get a decent solder joint on them despite lots of cleaning. in the end we had to replace the panel and some of the wiring.



              Thanks Ant, I will look into that.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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