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      On ‘Bubble’ (Bavaria 32 2003) there is a big pear anode on the hull close to the sail drive. Inside I can see that it is connected to the sail drive, not the engine (which is good news because there is a clear ‘do not earth’ warning sticker on the engine). Recently when out for maintenance I noticed that another identical boat did not have this pear anode, so it looks like it was an option, or subsequent addition.

      After 8 months afloat it had been eaten away a bit but not enough to replace. The sail drive ring anode was similar – slightly pitted but I chose not to replace.

      The question is – is the pear anode actually needed?

      Second – the main power switch under the chart table breaks the negative 12V supply. When leaving the boat I habitually switch off completely and remove the key. Sometimes I connect the Sterling charger to the mains and leave the boat like that, and sometimes I leave the boat unconnected to the mains and rely on the solar panel to keep the house battery topped up.

      The second question is – if the main power switch is open (off and key removed) and the boat is hooked up to the mains with the charger charging, will that have any impact on the anodes given that the main switch is open?

      I don’t seem to have a major problem as the anodes are clearly not being eaten much, but I like to understand these situations fully.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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