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      Hello Bavaria Owners
      I am looking to buy a Bav 32 (or possibly a bit bigger), and figure £20 for forum membership is well spent as owners know what are the strong and weak points of their yachts. We had a Moody 34 for the last 3 years, which was a great boat and a bit of a project, now we are looking to go modern!
      A few words of the good bits and not so great bits of the Bavaria ownership experience would be most welcome before we drive around the UK viewing available yachts.
      Or perhaps there is someone with one near Pwllheli for sale.


        Hi Chris. I guess the first question has to be your budget and the second would be have you a mooring or a marina? Both these will determine the boat length of boat and the year. We had a 32 and they are very capable and with the right things fitted quite fast especially the later Farr designed boats. If your looking for 32 specifically We would say the 2003-2004 models were the best finish and the interiors were very solid timber in mahogany.

        Ant & Cid


          Hi Ant & Cid

          Budgeting 40K but think 35K would suit the wallet better, might stretch to over 40K for something special. we have a deep water marina near by which we used to moor the moody 34 in, they all charge like wounded bulls per metre plus lift outs but that’s sailing isn’t it.
          The ones spotted online of 2002 – 2005 would seem to be pre-Farr designs, is yours one of the older design, and if so, you mention having the right things fitted, do you have a list of these things?

          I have also seen a Bavaria 34 2008 which just might do us, even if the berth will cost a little more. Any knowledge of these would also be most welcome.


            I have a B32 (Another Fantasy) which I bought new in 2002 and have been very well satisfied with her. As far as I’m concerned she’s an ideal yacht for the kind of sailing I do ie south and southwest coastal waters, Channel islands and north coast of France, having logged some 10k nm over the years. Normally I sail 2-up but have done trips with 3 or 4 on board, still comfortable and plenty of space!! Over the years I’ve kept her in tip top condition, new standing and running rigging, new sails and latest Raymarine electronics, so she’s as good as a new boat. I can’t think of any real negatives; when you start looking just check all the obvious things like condition of the hull (state of antifouling etc) and topsides, running and standing rigging, make sure there’s no play in the rudder and steering linkage, no leaks from the machinery and that all servicing has been done (especially the saildrive gaiter changed every 7 years). I agree with the comment above re mahogany interior: looks good and lasts well. My boat also has teak decking which adds a great deal to appearance although challenging to look after! A feathering prop (I have a Brunton) is a useful ‘go-faster’ accessory!

            Hope this helps

            Ian Culley


              Thanks Ian, good to hear no large list of negative things.
              Went to see a B32 today, it was grim on the top side but pleasant below, some folk just don’t pay attention to how things degrade. Then went to see a B36, lots of boat ( and more money) looked in better shape than the 32 but I question if I need that much boat, off to see a 34 tomorrow…… and two more 32’s and a Jeanneau just because it is there.

              Off to buy a lottery ticket.

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