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      The fuel tank sender unit on our 2003 36 has always been faulty but we are having trouble getting a replacement. Peters, the main dealer in this part of the Country, kindly gave me a new unit to try but it is a lot different, a tube rather than a float on an arm. The fixing to the tank is fine but the old one is wired with a blue and a brown connection to the top of the unit, a number of blue wires are connected to the retaining ring on the top, but I think that is just a convenient connection point which the blue wire to the sender unit connects to for power.

      The new unit has three wires a black a red and a brown any ideas or experience with this would be much appreciated as would any help with the cooker rubber seal which appears to have broken at the top. What do they stick this on with! and where can I get a new rubber seal or some glue.

      Keith and Carole.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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