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      New to the bavaria,As I have only owned previous a long keel boat and bilge keel before that, how does the bavaria 32 cruiser stand up to when dried out on a mooring pile for pressure wash/anti foul? The pile is surrounded with a level concrete base to stand on. Because the keel is relatively short in for and aft (long 5ft 11″version). Is it going to strain. naturally I will secure ropes /fenders to post before drying out.Does bow need propping between tides. (never bothered with the long keel boat I had). Shame to damage her at first dry out or am I paranoid? 8)


        I can not answer your question, but am too interested in the answer!

        My B32 was out of the water recently and put on the hard for copper coating.

        Just looking at her suggested in my mind that I would not like to try and “Balance” her on her keel.

        Is there anyone out there that has used “Yacht legs”?
        Do they work and how easy are they to set up correctly?



          WARNING TO ALL!
          Hi guys, being new to my boat (1 week),I had noted how the rudder length almost reached the depth of Keel at survey. I was concerned as planned to set on dry to antifoul on taking ownership. I mentioned this on the foreame but had no replies.I went ahead last weekend. Alas my fears were proven and worse! Tied securely to posts,with good fendering, when tide ran out the boat addopted a bow up position of about 10 degrees! Resting on the concrete hardstanding the weight was on back corner of rudder and worse but to less extent on rear corner of Keel. I was mortified. I deduced she was back heavy, since the seller had filled fuel tank and water tank and this full load along with boat kit in cockpit locker must have caused the rear to be heavier. Next time if I do antifoul like this I will ensure water tank, fuel tank, and waste tank are near to empty and reduce cockpit locker storage. Touch wood all seems ok , no distortion noticed on keel, rudder or bearing and brisk sail afterwards steering seemed unaffected. This should be a warning to all!


            I did actually dry my Bavaria Holiday 35 out at Lymington in early May for the first time. We had planned to use the scrubbing pads near the sailing club which apparently would have allowed my 1.8 mtr draft onto them when the bottom board between the piles was covered, but even with half of the second board covered we still could not get onto the pad, so gave up and went to town quay. We dried out on the slip way on the side nearest the Ship Inn, and although i was slightly concerned as to how things would end up when she rested on her keel, everything ended up OK as she sat squarely on her keel and with bows up due to the slope of the slipway, and my rudder is somewhat shorter than the length of the keel. We did manage to scrub her off by hand between the tides, but i would much rather pay the £160 which Kingston Marine in Cowes charge and have 48 hrs ashore, which gives ample time to antifoul and check/change the anode, and polish the hull.

            Ed Holmes Storm Dragon


              Rudder damage due to drying out is more common now due to the unsupported deep rudders and shallow fin keel options. Thats why I did not buy a shallow fin keel on the east coast where its quite common to touch.

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