Mine is a 2003 B32 and I spent a very long time trying to decide where to put a liferaft. I was reluctant to put it on the garage panel because it would restrict the forward view, most probably get in the way of the mainsheet when tacking/gybing and it would mean a lot of disturbance of fittings, as you are finding. Also, imagine the situation of a total emergency at sea, perhaps in the dark. How easy would it be to get to a garage-mounted liferaft. I toyed with having a s/s structure made to support the liferaft on the stern (I found one precedent on a boat which was for sale overseas). In the end I bought a valise version and put it in the front of the cockpit locker, in the narrower part between the holding tank and the inner face of the cockpit. I reckon that in an emergency, a frightened helm could have it out and deployed in seconds.