Good afternoon Pete. Well, I bought the raft , a low profile 4 man from Suffolk marine, and a general purpose ss cradle. Initially I fitted it to the aft quarter guardrail, however after only a few trips it was obvious it was at risk of collision damage and used with a hydro static release system I feared the pelican hook could be inadvertently slipped. With help from boat yard managed to free the traveller bolts (×4), after that it was an easy case of removing garage roof, giving it all a good glean and bolting the cradle to it. Refitting was easy as was the now cleaned traveller. The raft only obstructs a small percentage of gorward vision if steering from sitting position. No interference with Vang, and easy to locate and launch ftom either side. And more importantly free to self release via hydro unit should boat go down. The garage roof is strong and secure as the 4x screws are backed up with traveller rail holding roof down. A highly recommended position, but be sure to use a low profile raft.