Thanks for the reply Dave, I’m awash with liferafts lol I have access to a valise 4 man and the one mention in my post. Both need servicing, The Valise LR is just over 3 years old, the other 9 years old but serviced regularly by my B in L. I’m wondering if I can get the valise LR fitted into the cradle canister when I go to get it serviced. If not I’ll go with the canister fitted like yours as there’s no way we could easily pull it out of a locker, filled with Dinghy, lines water hoses, electric cables and  all the boats fenders. On a previous boat (Hanse 311) there was a nice gap just big enough for a valise LR in front of the steering pedestal, Out of the way during a voyage yet easily to hand if needed. There’s no such space on my Bav 34 as the Pedstal and attached table fill the cockpit floor.