I fitted an autopilot to my B27 (2002) and I would think that the principle is the same.

    You need to fit a new tiller to the rudder stock underneath the cockpit floor. This would normally be about 25cms long and needs to be a snug fit to the rudder stock. Measure it carefully and then go a company like Edson or Whitlock to buy one. You will need to drill one hole into the rear of the rudder stock to prevent the tiller turning on the stock and then 2 bolts will clamp the tiller to the stock – makes for a very solid fixing.

    The tiller is then connected to a pusher unit which needs it’s other end fitting to somewhere solid. I found a suitable bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit locker. This I strengthened with a second layer of 18mm marine ply and used 4 big bolts to attach the linear pushrod unit. After 6 years this is still very solid with no signs of any movement – I tend to make things stronger than is necessary. You could make a GRP moulding and attach that to the hull as an alternative mounting.

    This makes a much neater installation than a wheel mounted unit with the mechanism out of the way and so not subject to any damage.

    Good luck. Of course if you see me around and fancy a quick look that would be fine.