Hi Ebbtide

    This is a good question. I have been thinking for some time that we (the BOA) should collect all available information on the various models Bavaria have produced over the years and collate it into an on-line databank for future generations. The sooner this is started, the better, before the information is lost.

    The Westerly Owners Association (I was a member 10 years ago) is an excellent example of what can be achieved in this regard to the long term benefit of all.

    Your post has spurred me to raise the matter with the Webmaster and Committee. Let’s hope they decide to ‘sponsor’ the idea.

    In the meantime I can only answer for the 38 Ocean. AFAIK this was first produced in late 98. It was superseded by the 40 Ocean (same boat just stretched slightly at the stern) in late 2000 and all Ocean boats (centre cockpits) ceased production in 2002.