Thanks Roger ..

Unfortunately I didn’t take detailed photos of the boat in her cradle. The rudder is slightly shorter than the keel – so it will only touch if the boat rocks back.
I’m planning on emptying the 150L water tank – don’t have one up forward though and unfortunately still have a full diesel tank …

I know a deep fin Bav 34 rocks back and the guy who owns it now ties the bow down to a ring in the wall where he dries out. But our Bav37 has a longer bulb (more torpedo) on the bottom and may be enough to stop the boat going back – the tip stops about 1-2 foot forward of the saildrive leg – so I guess just in front of the engine.

Given that I’ll have the mast up still, all the chain & anchor in the front locker – I’m hoping that will counter the weight of the engine & fuel tank. I also have a couple of bikes in the bow and could move the inflatable & liferaft from the rear locker – although it doesn’t weight huge amounts!

Picture of the rudder where it meets the hull:

Picture of the keel (before prep and antifoul!!)