It is not necessarily a problem when there is separation of the keel from the hull especially at the extremities. My 1987 shallow fin Sadler 32 and the last few built had the 34 keel fitted. As it was longer it did not match the curvature of the hull. As long as the keel bolts are tight and water is not getting into them, then there should be no problem.

I cannot be sure but I believe Bavaria are sometimes using the same keel on different length boats. My Bavaria 37 spec says the deep keel is 2000kg but it is actually 2130kg. I have the Bavaria drawing. Is it possible that the Bavaria 37 (2007) and the new Bavaria 38 have the same keel?

I understand that the Bavaria cast iron keels are epoxied on as well as screwed on. Could it be that epoxy does not work on lead? My 37 cast iron keel after 2 years hard work including gales and knockdowns has no gaps or rust bleed marks.