I fitted LED bulbs to the anchor light and to the Tri-light, and while the anchor light is great, the physical size of the light cluster for the tri-light inevitably results in considerable overlap between each of the red/white and green/white sectors. Between red and green it is not too noticeable as the original red and green glass (plastic) shades filter out the wrong colours, but in the red/white and the green/white areas, namely at 22.5 degrees abaft the beam, there was very noticeable overlap with the red or green sectors being visible within what should be a white sector, and until very much further aft than they should have been. To combat this I made two “L” section baffles which were cut from aluminium sheet, and made to a size such that they only just fit within the lamp holder. The aluminium was bent in a vice and then stuck with Araldite along the short edge to the sides of the lamp clusters at the points where the LEDs change colour from white to green or red. It has helped to limit the overlap, but not completely, such that probably larger additional baffles would need to be fitted to the outside of the lampholder in addition to the internal baffles.
    Overall, the multicolour LED cluster bulbs, mine cost around £40 at the Southampton boatshow last year, are not an ideal replacement for the old incandescent bulb.[attachment=0:1518vmbc]15012011707.jpg[/attachment:1518vmbc]