I bought my bav37 may 2014 and the diaphragm came up on the survey because there was no record of it being replaced from new. A quick check with Volvo confirmed it was passed recommended life and I felt this could be an insurance problem because of the survey note. I got Signature Marine to do the work for me and they did a superb job along with an engine service.
    There are many jobs I will tackle on the boat but not this one so respect to those that do and will, for me the cost justified the importance of the work, the timeframe I needed it completed in, the peace of mind for me that it had been done properly, the Warranty and the fact they were present for the relaunch to make sure all was fine – which it was.
    I am not convinced that these need replacing with the frequency Volvo recommend but whilst they do it is hard to ignore. I now have a few years with one important thing less to think about.
    I am not sure how I would feel if I was looking at a used boat that had this recently replaced by an owner, you may want to consider this if you’re thinking of selling in the near future.