I had the saildrive gaiter on my 2002 Bav 32 (Volvo 2020 engine) replaced last winter (2011/12). The work was done by a marine mechanic based at Chichester Marina where my boat is berthed, cost all in was £1200 which I consider to be good value, having seen the work involved. It is possible to ‘do-it-yourself’ but it’s a job which should only be undertaken if you really know what you’re doing and have access to lifting gear to move the engine.

    Interestingly, when the saildrive diaphragm was removed and cleaned it was still in pristine condition with no sign of any degradation. There was however a problem with some corrosion of the bolts which secure the saildrive unit to the gearbox; the mechanic who did the work said that even though there was nothing obviously wrong with the diaphragm itself it was worth doing the job if only to identify and rectify the corrosion problem, as well as fitting a new diaphragm.

    I hope the above comments are of some use to you, unfortunately I can’t help with recommending anyone in your area to do the work.

    Best regards

    Ian Culley
    B32 Another Fantasy