Fitted the Selden bowsprit and used it and my cruising chute for the first time last weekend as shown in the picture.

    The extra projection from the stem, anchor and fittings gives some distance between the luff and the head stay providing plenty of room to gybe the chute through which is really handy.

    I made a couple of vectran loops and use these to attach 60mm blocks to the aft mooring cleats with snap shackles. Sheets need to run inside the stanchion immediately before the cleats. 8mm for light winds 10mm for heavier. Tack line is 10mm.

    Really pleased with how this has worked out particularly as the outboard end of the bow sprit is on the centre line offering equal performance on both gybes. Used up to 16knots TWS at the weekend. Maybe a bit more attention to detail than many cruisers would choose but I can’t shake off performance related OCD even on my cruising boat.