I have just found a large leak – we have had torrential rain here over the last 48 hours. Water was seen running from the after side of the port hanging locker. I removed the thin ply panels which where wet and found a couple of stanchion studs with nut, washers and split washers. There was evidience of leakage here. I removed the nuts and washers and found corrosion (crevice) on the back face of each washer. The stanchion is held in with two small locking bolts, on ford and one aft. On removal of these two bolts the stanchon can be pryed of its support pillar. Once removed it’s easy to removed the pillars and studs. I then cleaned up the holes, removed the old sealant and wiped the area with acetone to remove any oil. This done I filled the holes with a sealant – not sikaflex as I might want to get them off again. The sealer I used is a cross bewteen silicon and sekaflex but does not completely harden. Once filled I placed the pillars and studs back in their respective holes and knocked them home. I then placed more selaant on top of the pillar flange and repalced the stanchions and wires. Once doen I refitted the nuts and washers ensureing that I placed selaant on the washers – messy but worth while. Tightened the nuts and job done. Now I need rain or a hose to check to see if my handy work has stopped the ingress of water. I’ll revert when I have had chance to water test them.