From memory the B31/32 should have about 6 mm of clearance from the top of the rudder to the underside of the rudder bearing that is bonded into the hull.Its a while since I set our old 32 up properly but basically you access the emergency steering via the cover where there is a large locking ring secured by an M6 machine screw (bolt). You release the machine screw and rotate the locking ring via the two indent holes(for which you will need to make a simple tool from 2 bolts and a piece of wood).Rotate the locking ring until you can fit a 6-7 mm shim in the gap between the rudder top and the lower plastic bearing. Tighten the locking ring lifting the rudder up until the shim is just pinched tight and can be removed buy two fingers. Them lock the locking ring with the machine screw.

    Later boats around the 2004 on series had a pre shim washer fitted in this gap that should freely rotate but be quite snug.

    Hope this helps.

    Ant SV Impavidus