I have a B32 (Another Fantasy) which I bought new in 2002 and have been very well satisfied with her. As far as I’m concerned she’s an ideal yacht for the kind of sailing I do ie south and southwest coastal waters, Channel islands and north coast of France, having logged some 10k nm over the years. Normally I sail 2-up but have done trips with 3 or 4 on board, still comfortable and plenty of space!! Over the years I’ve kept her in tip top condition, new standing and running rigging, new sails and latest Raymarine electronics, so she’s as good as a new boat. I can’t think of any real negatives; when you start looking just check all the obvious things like condition of the hull (state of antifouling etc) and topsides, running and standing rigging, make sure there’s no play in the rudder and steering linkage, no leaks from the machinery and that all servicing has been done (especially the saildrive gaiter changed every 7 years). I agree with the comment above re mahogany interior: looks good and lasts well. My boat also has teak decking which adds a great deal to appearance although challenging to look after! A feathering prop (I have a Brunton) is a useful ‘go-faster’ accessory!

    Hope this helps

    Ian Culley