My Baviara 32 (Bubble) is a 2003 model so is probably identical to yours.

    The seacocks are:

    Big one – 1 1/2 BSP thread for the toilet (or holding tank) outlet. This is accessed by opening the wet locker in the heads and looking through the opening at the bottom left. I have just changed mine because the handle dropped off. It was nickel-plated brass so I am glad that I had reason to change it.

    Three small ones under the sink in the heads:
    Toilet inlet
    Sink outlet
    Shower outlet

    One small one for the galley sink. This is accessed by lifting out the holder for wine bottles on the port side, and/or by removing the port saloon backrest cushion.

    The final one is on the saildrive (also nickel-plated brass so I’ve just changed mine for bronze).

    So I make it five skin-fittings connected to ball-valves and one ball-valve connected to the saildrive.

    Total six.

    Best, Jonathan