You don’t say what engine and drive you have. I have, in my Bavaria 32, a Volvo Penta MD2020D with saildrive, and the prop is left-handed. So the boat turns to port, not starboard, in reverse. That said, there is very little prop walk in forward or reverse, but that may be due to having a saildrive. I have a Bruntons Varifold.

    I don’t know your particular boat but I find that my boat is very light on the wheel and very, very easily affected by the wind when manoeuvring. The only way is to keep speed up, which takes courage! The boats are very light. My B32 is considerably lighter than my old, smaller Jaguar. Yours may well be lighter, relatively, than my 2003 B32 as mass producers like Bavaria tend to cheapen everything with time. And the topsides are very high too, which causes windage.

    Under engine I cannot let go of the wheel at all without the boat veering immediately.