Hello John. I have the identical boat and have done several thousand miles in her. I agree with you that she is, and feels, ‘light’. She’s easily blown around when manoeuvring in marinas and in anything other than moderate seas she will be thrown about a lot. Remember that this boat is not really a passage-making sea boat; I should imagine that they are designed more for Mediterranean marinas rather than the high seas. I very, very much doubt that adding ballast as you suggest will make much difference. If you imagine how much the hull sinks when you step aboard then you can imagine how much ballast would be needed to make any difference even in just the waterline. I guess the answer is that if you want a serious sea-boat then you sell up and try something else. I sail frequently in company with a Westerly Corsair – a much heaver, sturdier boat – and that is far more assured in big seas than is the B32. Just my thoughts anyway.