Thanks for your thoughts Jonathan and I of course remember your trip round the UK last year well, especially when you sailed though my patch of Firth of Clyde and up to Mull, and my home on the Firth of Forth. We retire next year and plan to do more sailing and it is that decision we will be facing, keep Barolo and improve her, or take on another boat knowing it will take a lot of time to get anywhere near the standard of Barolo. Like you, I accept her being light and just sail her as such, which is often very engaging, although sacrificing speed earlier than others.


    Weight wise, I know what you mean about how can I add something like 500 – 1000kg, which is no small challenge. Was linking about lead weights and would be adding more battery capacity anyway. That along with more water capacity is only factor that has us considering a change.


    Then we have current boat sales environment where it is easy to sell, but much harder to buy a good boat!