I’ve just fitted a Rutland 913 to my 2007 37.

    Its on the port side on the deck behind the combing on the stern. There is JUST enough room. I used a 25mm packer shaped to the deck to get the mast vertical.

    I initially tried a clamp to the pushpit and 2 wire stays, one near the rear access and the other diagonally opposite on the side deck. Result – not stable. I then tried one more further forward on the side deck making 3 stays. Result – not stable. I then added a 4th on the very back end of the toerail, a s/s shackle through the toerail. Result it was finally stable.

    Lesson learnt – the generator is quite heavy and needs many stays. you can get away with 3 if equispaced which is not easy on a boat.

    Lesson learnt – if clamped to the pushpit, you do get some extra whine.

    Being moored on a buoy I now find my domestic batteries fully carged when I return to the boat. I have connected directly to the domestic batteries and carry jumper cables just in case the starter battery goes dead. We can now leave our fridge on 50% of the time instead of just 5%. Also do not need to keep running the engine. We now only do this if there is no wind.

    Fit one! Its the best unit as it works in light winds. Dont we anchor in sheltered spots? So why fit a massive charger that needs lots of wind.