have now had bavaria 37 18 months have done most of the warrentry work myself even replacing the two electric panels which we begged borrowed took months of badgering phone calls to clipper to get some action would not give bavarias contact details.as they say buyer beware
    it would seem warrentry work is not high on the agenda once they have your money.as we were told after delivery of boat ive got your money why do i nead to talk to you. thats was just months before peters went bust i was lucky at least i had a boat.we have just come back from a trip up the thames force 6-7 wind over tide came out of it slightly shaken and very much stirred boat behaved impeccably as far as i am concerned
    the press dont do justice to our boats very seaworthy and safe if you see some of the other makes rounding up and causing mayhem in the rivers
    when the wind gets up i know we made the right choice.