We also have a new Bav33 and have exactly the same problem. She is getting trailing weed on the stern since the antifouling line is below the water. I have worked out that since we keep her full of water and fuel, we have about a third of a ton near the stern which I think is causing the problem. I have not found a solution yet, but I intend to:-

    1) Not fill the water tank before leaving the boat
    2) Raise the antifouling near the stern, probably by painting the line above the blue antifouling with white antifouling and the boot topping line with antifoul as well. If we raise the antifouling line uniformly it will be too high at the bow.
    3) Putting weight in the bow section under the forward berth.

    Have you any other ideas?

    Best regards,
    Michael Offen