@Aibrean wrote:

    I also had trouble with the LED cabin lights on my 2010 Farr design B32 Aibrean. Almost all the original LED lights caused problems, typically a few of the LED bulbs start flickering and then a cluster of them extinguished. The lights were LED assemblies in a G4 fitting, not the integrated fitting that Clipper Marine currently supply. I have now replaced the original LED lights with LumiLife G4 units from LED Choice. web site: http://www.ledchoice.co.uk/g4-led-bulbs Current listed price is £6 each, a lot less than those from Clipper Marine. Whether you can use them will depend upon the type of light fitting you have.
    They have been in there for only a few months, but have not failed. They are noticeably brighter than the original LED lights and have a wider illumination angle. Hope this helps.

    Thanks Aibrean – Interesting to note that you too had issues with the factory fitted originals….. does that point towards poor quality parts and if so should Clipper both feed that back as well as resolve the issue? (I think that we probably know the answer to that??)

    On a seperate issue, does anyone know if the bulbs can be replaced in the units that are now being fitted or does it have to be a total replacement?