Thanks for your reply. I can’t say I have had many problems with the CQR, dragged once when sheltering overnight from severe weather in the Outer Hebrides, as did the only other two yachts there, and the occasional weed problems. The change is really motivated by a U-tube video of anchor tests involving dragging a CQR then a Delta along a beach with a Land Rover. In that test the CQR repeatedly failed to dig in whereas the Delta set immediately on every occasion. Granted it was a shingly/sandy mixed beach with the tide out so just how scientific the tests were is probably a matter of opinion. Also an article in the December issue of YM described the Delta as a development improvement on the best qualities of the CQR. Being that my preferred choice of overnights is at anchor on the West Coast of Scotland I feel I’d simply like to have as much going for me as possible.
    Any comments?
    Thank you.