Probably not the response you wanted to hear but CaSam was supposed to have a 10KG Delta from new…. I took one look at it and worried, I thought about sleepless nights just waiting for it to slip. So I went for the 16KG instead!

    Well worth it for the peace of mind.

    I understand the concerns of the aditional weight and short of also going for a windlass (or a young crew member) there is no way around it. Naturally I guess it also depends on the type and location of the anchoring that you intend to do….. I’m sure in the right conditions that the 10 will be fine – just “what if?”

    Noteworthy though is to take consideration of the physical sizes of the two units. The 16 is substantially larger and whilst it fits into the bow roller OK it would impede if you intended to fly a kite from a bowsprit at the same time, (unless you make a bit of a mod.)