Hi All, i had the same problem on Nornie Lees Bav30 when i bought her a year ago, alls now sorted (without Ballast). Remember fuel/water tanks are not same capasity, nor are the liquids the same weight per ltr. I moved every thing out of the cockpit locker onto the pontoon, and removed the outboard from the yacht. All heavy items like books etc were then placed in the port cuboards, all other essecial items stored under port side cabin seats. I then managed to add things back slowly into the cockpit locker. Remember tool kits etc are extreemly heavy and need to be thought about. When i finished the yacht was upright, and about 100kgs lighter, (so much crap left on the pontoon). I did also move the outboard onto the port side.

    Stock the fridge up with beer cans, this helps too!

    What a dream yacht to sail,

    good luck Ray